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Finally, the beautiful summer has arrived and the reader can see the woods and the lakes inside the woods. On a sunny meadow, we have a house that can remind us of a fortress. The goose hid her nest from curious people and she sat and sat on her eggs. It was a long and boring job but it was worth it when she heard her ducks coming out of their eggs.

All of the ducks hatched but one egg stayed still and it was the biggest one.

At that moment, an old goose appeared and told the mother goose that the biggest egg was a turkey egg and that she should leave it because little turkeys only cause trouble. Mothers are well known for they love and dedication so she decided to wait for the last egg to open up.

The Ugly Duckling

Mother goose was surprised that the duck in the egg was young but very ugly. Despite that, the duck entered the water and started swimming. Mother goose took her ducklings to the older goose because they had to bow down to her to get their highest honor which is a red patch tied around the leg. It was a sign that the ducks did not want to lose their new member and it made them stand out between the animals and the plants. While the little ducklings were approaching the old goose many of them started to complain about the ugly duckling.

One duck even bit him but the mother goose protected him. Soon other started to pick on him and not only the ducks but also the chickens and the turkeys. The duckling did not have it easy and as the days passed by it got harder. They even started calling him a freak.

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The ugly duckling finally stepped up and decided to run away from the humiliation and the sufferings. He got hungry, thirsty and soon he confronted some hunters and their dogs. He spent some time at an old ladies house but they were also expecting for the duck eggs to hatch so he was called unnecessary there. That made him run away again. A year passed by and the duckling turned into a wonderful swan.

He was the most beautiful between the swans. He finally experienced happiness after all those troubles. Characters : ugly duckling, little ducks, mother goose, cat, chickens, other ducks, swans.

The Ugly Duckling — he is the main character. He was born ugly and everybody was scared of him.

The Ugly Duckling Nursery « St Georges Primary School

He felt lonely because he had no friends and he felt scared, rejected, unloved and misunderstood. When he saw the swans he was amazed by their beauty but he did not envy them.

The Ugly Duckling and the Swan

He just wanted to be around somebody who understood him and when he turned into a swan he did not become a stuck up. He just became happy. Print one copy of each of the three pages for your children. Cut out the ducks and swans on the second page as the children will use them to glue on the first page. Older children can practice cutting, but younger ones will need assistance. Read the facts sheet to the children. Practice with the children by asking them the questions on page 3.

Reader Interactions

Does the fact apply to ducks, swans, or both? Complete the first page by reading the questions to the children. If the question applies to a duck, glue a duck under the duck section. If the question applies to a swan, glue a swan under the swan section. Can the boy ducks find colorful items to become their feathers? Do ducks stay together as a family? Helping children act out qualities and characteristics will aid in retaining basic facts!

Have the children take turns placing 5 eggs in a line for the other children to count. After counting, have the children close their eyes no peeking while one child removes an egg and hides behind his back or under his legs. See if the children can tell which egg is missing. For older children, number the 5 eggs with numbers and see if they can tell which number is missing. Ask the children to place the eggs in the correct number order from Larger numbers can be used as they are introduced to the children.

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