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Have a Soak or Maybe a Rubdown. All the Worlds a Sauce. The Basic Culinary Toolbox.

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Cleanliness is Next to. A Selected Reading List. A View to a Grill. Metric Conversion Charts. He lives in the southern United States with his wife and daughter. A Missionof Sorts. It's "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" for aspiring chefs However, though I felt a bit let down from Alton's literary style, I still make a point to be at home by 9 every Wednesday for Alton's program. It's entertaining, interesting, and the wife totally thinks he's sexy -- an opinion from whose association I can occasionally gleam a modest amount of appreciation.

I even purchased glasses like his. Share twitter facebook linkedin Go to the source Which is more 'science project' based. If you have an analytical mind and care about being a better cook, Alton makes it entertaining and McGee delves in to the science. I'll second that. I got 'How to Cook Everything' as a chistmas gift last year.

I was sitting at my parents place the day after christmas, lounged out reading this book from cover to cover, when I let out one of many large chuckles. My mom came out the kitchen to see what I was laughing at, only to comment, 'only you would laugh at a cook book. The intro's and summaries are great. This is a good book. Not just receipes, it is entertaining and well written.

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Don't fall into the lies, guys. Cooking can be as masculine as anything. Did I mention they make titanium cookware? I'm always a bit surprised when people consider cooking to be un-geeky. I think of the choice "to cook or not to cook" to have some parallels to what kind of operating system you run on your computer.

Hear me out. We all gotta eat and we all gotta use a computer. A great many of us either run Windows exclusively or have a Windows partition on our machine. Because it's useful sometimes. Windows is crap and we all know it but the convienence is hard to ignore. Much like fast food. Fast food may be tasty but no one is going to argue that it is well-constructed cuisine. Windows is the fast food of operating systems.

It's not good but it's ubiquitous and does the job. Some people oppose eating at fast food restaurants on principle just like some people absolutely refuse to use Windows.

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However, there's no denying that going to a restaurant or heating up some frozen food in the microwave is a step above fast food. Similarly, some people like their Macs. Infinitely configurable, the performance of the finished product relies quite a bit on your ability and knowledge of what you're doing. Cooking is for the "power eater" who is not content to trust someone else and is willing to get their hands dirty in order to make sure the finished product is just how they like it.

So don't think of cooking as "women's work.

Im just here for the food: version 2.0

The finished product is in your hands. If you're capable, you can create something just how you like it and your friends will be amazed. If you don't know what you're doing, then perhaps you'd better stick with Billy Gates' McOperatingSystem. It sucks but at least you won't die of food poisoning. As a recreational improvisational cook, I agree completely.

Anyone who finds this hard to believe may want to check out a book called "Bake it like a Man" [amazon. This was the first place I saw reference to using a blowtorch in the kitchen creme brulee', of course. Think about it, cooking involves hacking things up with knives, pounding things, playing with fire and complex power tools I find it amazing that male chauvinists even let their wives into the kitchen let alone have them do all of the cooking Fortunately, my wife is ALSO a talented cook, so we just switch off from time to time I'm a "always cook from scratch" kinda person, which has flummoxed my new roommate: if it doesn't come in a can or box, she doesn't see any need for it in the kitchen.

Other than a few staples milk, butter and garbage bags , our shopping lists have zero in common. The other two things I do is play guitar it kills time during compiles, and I swear it prevents carpal tunnel and do woodworking, stage props and other oddities, mostly. I really want to get into metalworking, but know zero about it.

Something about the satisfaction when everything is in place, and you have a final product that is totally solid and perfectly to spec. Interestingly enough, in the course of searching for a house to buy, one of my top priorities besides broadband availability is whether I can have my own garden.

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I guess once the bug hits, it just won't let go. OBCooking: More and more, I find that the women I meet not only know nothing about cooking, they intend to meet a guy who will do it all for them! Talk about stereotype reversal There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead.

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His new book isn't so much a cookbook, in the current sense of a book that contains a heck of a lot of recipes. It does, in fact, contain recipes, but it really isn't what the book is about. See the Perl cookbook , for a translation of this idea to programming. It is a book about cooking that covers science and technique first; Recipes are only example code.

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He says he is a 'culinary cartographer. If you code and you cook, this is the book. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted.

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    Alton is my guru. He has completely transformed my cooking from "hunt and peck" approaches to an understanding of the processes. Now when I try something new, I'm not just guessing at whether it will work or not. Oh, and go buy a digital temperature probe. You'll need one. Also, as hinted by the author, go watch his show. I especially like the one when he shows you how to make a smoker out of a cardboard box.

    Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re:I love this book Score: 2. Didn't see that one. Kitchen should be a geeks 2nd home Score: 4 , Funny. If only because of all the toys available. Re:Kitchen should be a geeks 2nd home Score: 2 , Insightful. Honestly, I love cooking and being in the kitchen. But I don't use the new-age toys or anything. Rolling out the dough for pasta and cutting it by hand is my style, not using some auto-roller and auto-cutter. Cooking can be relaxing, but you should be the one doing the work. Moderators, its just my opinion.