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She put the lion back on his stomach on the last two cars and returned to the station and the control switch. The train started smoothly and picked up speed. A family of Eskimos in Greenland were surprised to see it go by with a lion riding on it. The roof fell off the station and the lion slid back on the tops of the cars and tumbled off the train. With a little difficulty Ellen got the station roof back in place. Then she picked up the lion.

Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson - Dramatic Reading

What is it like there? Ellen became serious too. She looked guiltily at the telephone as she set it on top of a heap of other toys. Ellen rested her chin on a fist and thought. Ellen looked at the window. She jumped up and opened it wide. And you can hide.

She had to press him down hard to get the drawer closed. Even so it would not close all the way. I have come to put him in a cage in the zoo.

Crockett Johnson

Ellen opened the drawer and took out the lion. She squeezed him all over to unflatten him. They always follow along behind me. Then how can they scare me?

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Then she considered what he had said. She looked straight ahead all the way while the lion stared into the darkness behind her and during the entire trip not a single thing dared bother either of them. When she reached the main highway she called back over her shoulder to the lion. You have to take things easy.

She drew her cutlass and held her own in the fight until the gang of pirates were joined by a gang of cattle rustlers and a gang of gangsters. Then she called to the lion on the end table. She frowned at him. And pirates and rustlers and gangsters are after me. But by then the pirates and rustlers and gangsters had made off with the gold. And besides, it was lunchtime. As Ellen left the playroom she made a face at the lion.

Thanks for the reminder. I love that Barnaby comic strip! I had to buy a second copy of that one because my daughter tore it up. Not to be a bad girl, I think she was just being exuberant.

Ellen's lion : twelve stories / by Crockett Johnson.

And for children in third grade or above, Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh. Do not waste your time on the movie. Oh, I love these books! Back in High School I read our library's bound back-issues of Life Magazine and one issue had a full page spread of "Barnaby! Fields Still alive at the time!

O'Malley in a movie!

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Good gosh! I just remembered! Have you read "Half Magic" by Edward Eagar? Or "Eager?

As you say, clever wording about the faux cow. Sometime in the early '60s, one of the remaining TV drama anthologies I want to say G. Theatre , but I'm not sure after all these years adapted Barnaby into a half-hour "special". And as Mr. O'Malley - Bert Lahr, who never did much television, but I definitely remember him in this.

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