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The first time I ever spoke to Derek Sivers, I accused him of ripping me off. Jokingly of course. I told him "I wrote THE book on failing. That's awesome. I'm sorry I didn't know about this.

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Oh, I see it's only been a few months since it came out and I've been quite ostriched lately Or, rather, he was asking me about them, telling me he was considering writing one himself. Why do you do it? Not for the money, right? Bigger speaking fees afterwards? Side-effect for consulting?

That sneaky guy! So, when he was done, and he wanted several sets of eyes to give it a quick read through, I was more than happy to. I'm not sure if I helped improve even a single letter in the book--it was pretty much "there" when I read it--but he thanked me on the inside cover nonetheless. My first career thank you and THE first thank you in the book! I'm glad Derek alphabetizes by first name. I respect Derek because, unlike so many others, he's a self-helper that's actually done something in his life.

Derek writes like a guy you'd immediately want to be your friend, your co-worker, your employee I really don't like audio books, but I implore you to listen to Derek speak to get his cadence and voice running through your head. It truly makes his text pop more. For creating your own Utopian business world that will make both you and your employees happy.

It's not about making money, or growing larger, or conquering the world, it's simply about filling a need that makes both you and your customers happy. It's simple, but genius.

The book tells the story of how Derek's "little hobby"--CD Baby, a company; no, not even a company, a website created to sell his musician friends' CDs--became a big business. It was all an accident. Because Derek was filling a need for others. If you're filling a need for the world, and making yourself happy, that's all you need in life says Derek. The crux of Tony's business plan is to "WOW" customers. Derek would agree with that sentiment as "Anything You Want" tells wonderful stories of all the little things he encouraged his employees to do to make customers happy a story involving a frozen squid is a major highlight.

Even more if you're running a business. But, that doesn't need to be the case. Derek says: "Are you helping people? Are they happy?

Making the Law of Attraction Work for You

Are you happy? Are you profitable? Isn't that enough? View all 3 comments. Jul 27, D rated it really liked it. I thought the email had been crafted for me, in particular. I felt special.

Five Steps for Getting Anything You Want

A little later, I placed an even bigger order, and it happened to be while CD Baby was moving across the country. It was delayed long enough that I eventually contacted support, and I promptly got A couple of Derek Sivers stories: My first CD Baby order was , for 8 discs, in It was delayed long enough that I eventually contacted support, and I promptly got a very nice and apologetic email from Derek Sivers himself along with the discs, in short order. Again, I felt special.

Which, when you think about it, is no small trick. Partly because they say some of the same things, particularly about not having business growth as a goal.

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But both also display an element of self-contradiction. Perhaps more tellingly, some of his biggest regrets are about decisions with significant cost impacts.

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If you, you know, want to grow the business. These cavils aside, this is a pretty great book. Awesome little book, I will keep re-reading. I love the opening pages - "10 years of experience in 1 hour". One of my favourite parts of the book was the graph at the beginning showing the monthly sales over 10 years of his business. In analysing it one thing I really appreciated was the steady but slow growth in the first 5 years of his business in particular.

Reiterating once again th Awesome little book, I will keep re-reading. Implement a model and then persistently improve over and over again.

How to Get Anything You Want in Life (The Complete Guide)

I've learned this to be true in many spaces of my life. To create a client who is a 10, you also need to be effective at repelling anyone who isn't. Every choice you make, every decision as owner, every task you agenda, every meeting. Focus on that and things will grow. Just thrill them, and they will tell everyone.

Derek talks a lot about the programming, and random tasks he did, just because he liked doing them. Yeah he could hire someone, or do it better, but he loved learning different things - and thats OK!! Definitely something I'm implementing right now in my social enterprise. In business, there are different ways: - make a plan without any funding - make your whole business offline - make a franchise model In life, there are different ways: - You could be living in NY obsessed with making lots of money - You could be a free spirit backpacking around SE Asia - You could be a monk meditating in isolation in the mountains - You could be married living your family in a quiet neighbourhood There is no one way.

Things change. Things work for different people at different times.

How to Get Anything You Want in Life (The Complete Guide)

Be open to change. Embrace and roll with it. You can focus on helping people today. Instead of thinking about "if I had X.. I could do Y". From the email auto-responder to the copy on your site, to your office layout. Focus on what makes you happy and doing things in a way that makes you happy. This is your utopia. Hopefully no more than a few minutes, the best plans are simple. A quick glance, and common sense should tell you if the numbers will work.

Everything else is details. You don't need to be too fancy or complicated. Trust but verify. Sivers mentions how he spent 12 years doing different things, it felt like it was uphill all the time I can relate!

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  4. Instead of trying to create demand, you're trying to manage the demand. Success comes from persistently improving and inventing, not persistently doing what is not working. So you should always be trying, tweaking, testing new ideas instead of stubbornly pushing the same one again and again. Jun 29, Niran Pravithana rated it it was amazing Shelves: management , world , marketing.